A. Overview




General rules to be completed 

Key code is found at http://www.conar.org.br/

EN translation available 

See also In brief: prohibited and controlled advertising in Brazil from IWRCF via Lexology and 

Misleading advertising practices in Brazil from the same source 




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A general introduction to gambling law in Brazil
Maia Yoshiyasu Advogados/ Lex. May 30, 2023 and perhaps as a result of the above:

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Navigating Brazil’s latest gambling regulations: 6 key considerations for operators


B. Content Rules

C. Channel Rules

1. TV/Radio/VOD

2. Cinema/Press/Outdoor

3. Online Commercial Communications

4. Cookies & OBA

5. Emails & SMS

6. Own Websites & SNS

7. Native Advertising

8. Telemarketing

9. Direct Postal Mail

10. Event Sponsorship/ Field Marketing

11. Sales Promotion

D. Advice & Clearance

E. Links